The color of the year says spring is coming

Every year, Pantone declares a hue of the moment. It’s a choice that influences decisions by every form of consumer-oriented artist, from florists to publishers.

For 2017, they’re going with “greenery,” a yellow-tinged green that evokes nothing more than newly cut grass. Nature. Fresh starts. New beginnings. Dare I say it… hope.

This morning, I read the Sunday Styles pieced that asked, Are Americans Experiencing Collective Trauma? It feels on some level terribly entitled to say that, because for goodness sake, this isn’t Syria (and by the way, keep give, give, giving to that cause… one group I’m now loving following along with is Preemptive Love).  But I will admit that when I think about myself, my sister, parts of my families, and a smattering of friends from every stage of life… it resonates. We’re all spinning, spinning, spinning from the shock of this election. Trying desperately to be ready to push away the anxiety, at least briefly, to enjoy the peace and joy of a holiday break.

With all that in mind? Yeah, I’ll take a bit of cheer from the style-setters. We are the one charged with building the world we want to live in. If a fashionable color can help buoy us to lift our own moods, I’m all for it.


Flickr/Theophilos Papadopoulos

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