Checks and balances: Making our country great (again!)

After the actions of U.S. District Judge James Robart in Seattle yesterday, my heart is full, full, fuller than ever. I know, the fight is not over. Trump’s Department of Justice will file asap to overturn the temporary restraining order preventing federal employees from enforcing his Muslim ban. We all have to stay vocal and vigilant.

But until and unless that bid is successful, a lot of wonderful things are happening. Families are being reunited and broken dreams are finding new life. Iraqi translators, Syrian humanitarian workers and refugees, world-renowned Iranian scientists, and so many others are once again coming to America. The Los Angeles Times has a good story about some of the first arrivals.

Now, it’s on us — to make sure that the America that greets them lives up to the place of hope, peace and opportunity that they imagined.


Flickr/IOM | UN Migration Agency


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