Compassion in a Fayetteville jail cell

I haven’t looked at my personal Twitter account since Nov. 9. I guess I’m afraid of looking too long at too much despair from the pundits. But I follow a carefully curated list for @SpotlightChange, which includes a lot of remarkably thoughtful content from @MrJoshCharles. This evening, that brought a retweet of Jake Tapper’s nod to a CBS Evening News story from a couple months back.

Joe Serna, a three-time veteran of Afghanistan, came to the Fayetteville, North Carolina County Court House after breaking the conditions of probation for drunk driving. Judge Lou Olivera sentenced him to one night of jail — but he didn’t send him alone. Serna suffers from PTSD, including claustrophobia. And so the judge sat beside him in that jail cell. All night, the two shared meatloaf and talked about their families. It’s a positive surprise, and a reminder of how much we can grow and learn when we put ourselves in an uncomfortable position.

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