A rabbi, a reverend, and an imam bless a D.C. Planned Parenthood

I think I was grinding my teeth in my sleep last night — cause of you know, the roller coaster of Obama’s farewell and Trump’s Russia dossier.

So let’s keep today simple. Nice little story out of DCist today about 20 faith leaders coming together in support of a new Planned Parenthood Clinic in the NoMa neighborhood. Their message ran against the binary view that deep religious faith and a belief in women’s right to choose are incompatible.

Having been raised Catholic, I get the pro-life perspective, and I don’t like to demonize it. As I’ve grown older and more aware of the barriers women face in accessing reproductive health, I’ve begun to feel more strongly — and I’ve made my first and second donations to Planned Parenthood over the past few months. Yet I also believe very strongly that, as with so much else, we all have to start listening harder to each on even the most sensitive of issues.


Flickr/Women’s eNews

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