Here’s hoping soccer really can reveal something [good] about the world

The Independent has a story about the Mexican and American soccer teams forming an apparent “unity wall” at the onset of their World Cup qualifying watch. Years ago, I remember reading Franklin Foer’s How Soccer Explains the World, a collection of essays examining how forces like nationalism, corruption, globalization play out within local soccer clubs. A lot of those vignettes didn’t exactly make glowing endorsements of human nature. But this is an encouraging report, so let’s embrace those where we find them.

Speaking of soccer… maybe it was the election, or maybe it was the latest releases from the Hamilton Mixtape album. But I kept finding myself thinking of K’naan — himself, let’s not forget, a Somali Canadian immigrant — and his 2010 World Cup theme, “Waving Flag.” In an ugly week, a beautiful reminder of art’s power to transcend.

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