An Iraqi-American heroine

When an anti-Trump protest in Austin turned ugly last weekend, University of Texas student Amina Amdeen stepped in to protect construction worker Joseph Weidknecht from the melee. The Austin American-Statesman has the story, and I suggest you read it in full.

Amina, 19, is a small woman, an Iraqi immigrant, and observant Muslim. Yet she had the courage to stand up for a person whose politics she came to protest.

“Our job now is to make our emotional pain visible,” she said, “so we can gain the sympathies of whoever voted for Trump because they were tired of the economic situation and didn’t think about how they were affecting minorities. … I put my arm around him just to make it very, very clear I was here to protect his right to speak, and his bravery to be there as a Trump supporter.”

“The most radical thing you can do is embrace the people who are perceived to be your enemies. … We can’t let this escalate into a war between two parts of America.”



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