Breaking the filter bubble

I set this rule for myself three days ago: post one positive, wall-busting story a day. I’m finding it’s harder and more time-consuming than I’d like. Not a lot of happy news this week. I try to search beyond those big, obvious, national news sites — places I prefer to avoid anyway right now because I’m just not emotionally ready to handle speculative news analysis about just how extreme a Trump cabinet might look. But what I see on the newspaper home pages of Detroit, Dallas, or Birmingham looks thin. The result, no doubt, of understaffed newsrooms and decimated budgets.

So I like this idea from James West at Mother Jones. Like most of us, he’s got a pretty homogenous Facebook feed (I hope, by the way, that Facebook’s execs keep thinking deeply about their algorithm’s role in promoting fake news). Now, he’s taken a step to counter that — by friend-requesting a dozen Trump voters he interviewed over the past year. To change the shape of this feed, and to nurture a dialogue. I think that is a good step for so many of us trying to climb out of the fog of a national nervous breakdown.


Flickr/Mathias Appel

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