Searching for detente in the war at home

In the category of so-relatable-it-hurts… The New York Times has a smart new mini-doc called “Loving on the Other Side.”

Video producers sit in on the intimate phone calls of three sets of parents and children on opposite sides of Battlefield Trump.

A mother in Covina, Calif, and daughter in Brooklyn argue over whether The Donald or Obama represents the coming of the Antichrist, and whether or not Trump is really a Christian (much huffing, sighing, and eye-rolling ensues). A father in New Jersey remembers a time he landed a contract with Trump, and saw the man climb scaffolding and shake a laborer’s hand to tell him he’s done a good job. His Seattle-based gay son reminds him that hate crimes are way up. And a Minnesota father makes the case for welcoming refugees to his college Republican daughter.

It’s all pretty darn relatable. Seeing other families roll their arguments back around to i-love-you’s is a little comforting — my family’s battles are not ours alone, and somehow, someday, maybe this whole country will get it back together, too.

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