Malia Obama expands her horizons in Bolivia

The news is out regarding Malia Obama’s pre-college gap year — she spent the fall in Bolivia, learning about ecology and local indigenous cultures, according to Remezcla.

While most of us were whipping ourselves into an election frenzy stateside, she had at least a little more physical and emotional space from it all. I love Malia’s choice.

When I went away to college, nearly 4,000 miles from home, I wanted more than anything to do everything I could to see the world. And I got to a fair amount of it through those years and into my twenties. And some may call it indulgent, but setting that priority requires real financial sacrifices. I’ll never regret those decisions, because witnessing how other people live shaped so much of my worldview and politics.

I’m sure Malia has seen it all in her completely extraordinary young life. But I think it’s awesome that she made a move to deepen her focus. May it make her stronger and even more able to empathize with others in whatever career path she chooses.


Flickr/Mariano Mantel

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