Kodak’s holiday pitch for understanding

After the holidays, or any family reunion, I always feel a little down. If your family is spread all over — mine in Alabama, Connecticut, and Southern California — that togetherness can feel so fleeting. We’re all getting older, and the clock on Christmases with our parents gets shorter.

Well, Kodak has a lovely new ad about love and acceptance among fathers, sons, and sisters. How those bonds are tested and evolve other time. My sister and I made our father cry a couple weeks ago, in an argument about the election that spun out of control. I don’t know exactly how we can perfectly balance speaking up for our values while avoiding lashing out at those we love. It takes continuous work and self-reflection, I guess.

I know Kodak is focused on their business goal of selling more cameras. But I appreciate that they believe they can do that while also telling a story about a family figuring out how to love their gay son just as he is (you can read a nice analysis at New Now Next). And in case you missed it, I still recommend Amazon’s interfaith understanding-themed spot.

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