Trump transition player examines Latino economic might

Here’s to the power of bringing more perspectives into the room — and keeping faith that those voices will get some traction.

Trump transition team member Jeffrey Eisenach has authored a report titled Making America Rich Again: The Latino Impact on Economic Growth. The 55-page piece was commissioned, according to Remezcla, by the Royal Bank of Canada and the Latino Donor Collaborative — which looks like a group to watch this year.

Eisenach highlights this group’s importance to the overall economy in his introduction, writing “The US Latino population is growing, young,increasingly educated, employed, connected, entrepreneurial, and upwardly mobile in terms of income as well as consumption.”

After a campaign defined by a whole lot of broad and tone-deaf generalizations, we all have a responsibility to start engaging in nuance. I’m keeping the faith that work like this will help our president-elect do the same.

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