Doing the Christian thing for Muslim refugees

PRI’s The World has an inspiring Thanksgiving-day story about a pair of Christian-run nonprofits near Atlanta. The Lantern Project trains refugees for in-demand construction industry trades, while Refugee Coffee Co. blends espresso with employment, training, and community to resettled persons from around the world. One of them, 23-year-old Malek Alarmash, came with his parents and sister from Syria after being imprisoned and tortured for participating in an anti-government protest.

Lantern Project head Luke Keller had this to say about the Iraqi, Syrian, and Afghani refugees he works with:

“Developing relationships with these Muslim men, who are now some of … my best friends, they’re the most reliable, most dependable, most loving, most generous, most Jesus-like people I know.”

You can support The Lantern Project’s mission to provide solace and #shedlight.

Refugee Coffee Co. is currently raising money for a permanent home, and you can donate here.



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