The Times serves up profiles in dreaming

A medical assistant in Dallas who saw her mom’s undocumented status interfere with treatment for stage 4 breast cancer.A high school salutatorian turned biochemistry major. A budding paramedic who fears political winds will prevent her from completing her education.

The New York Times’ Editorial Board is calling for Trump to continue the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, and right now, they are showing him why – with profiles of five young strivers making their way in America.

Hearts and minds are seldom changed by facts, numbers, or a pundit’s messages. We evolve because of the people we encounter. The greatest privilege of those of us who live in urban centers is our close proximity to people who aren’t like us. For those who don’t have as many opportunities to interact with minorities and vulnerable groups — in those kinds of small, fleeting moments that taken together, have the power to alter brain chemistry — stories like this one may be the next best thing.

“DACA gave me the wings I had hoped for all my life,” Gloria Rinconi, who also blogs at My Undocumented Life, said to the Times. “See me as for who I am not for who someone told you I would be.”


Flickr/Steve Rhodes




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