Hope in a Minnesota high school

My day job supports a highly-regarded institution, in a deep blue region. It’s the kind of ivory tower where it is easy to feel shielded from the realities of bias or bigotry. Today, our CEO sent an all-staff email noting that after the election, some people in our community had faced questions over their ethnicity, language of origin, immigration status or religion.

It’s tough to accept that this happens here, too.

So in this moment, I’d like to focus instead on a short and sweet story out of Minnesota. Dozens of Duluth teenagers came to school in hijabs to support their Muslim classmates. It’s a small act, but  I love that it came from a place of wanting to look beyond the personal pain that so many of us have felt, and to instead make a stand for others.

As senior Andrea Hitz told the local ABC news affiliate, “After the election, I know I, as a white woman, was feeling unsupported… We want to stand in solidarity with our Muslim friends who are maybe experiencing hard times right now and feeling unwelcome.”

Good for these young ladies.

Oh and here’s one more bright spot for the day — the ACLU has 70,000 new Twitter followers!


Flickr/Paradox 56

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