Saturday millions, not doubles

A few of my favorite friends and family members are sending photos from the mega-event in D.C. and affiliated marches across the country so I’ll update this periodically throughout the day.

My household has a no television on Saturdays rule, but I can’t resist a little today (it’s history!!). I just heard something beautiful from Van Jones, speaking about the importance of not judging others for “a bad vote,” and also not letting the bad choices of others turn us into bad people.

“When it gets harder to love, let’s love harder,” he said.

In D.C. — I love you, D.C. — a few of my best friends and civil servants are out in force, and here’s what they’ve captured, on the way to the mall and at the Newseum (as an ex-journo, this is not only one of my favorite places in Washington, it’s one of my favorite museums in the world).

Another friend is flying with her three-year-old all the way from San Francisco to participate. On her way yesterday, she sent me a friend’s photo from a Southwest boarding gate. The airline’s ticket agent asked everyone en route to the Women’s March to gather for a photo.


And finally, a late-breaking batch from my awesome sister in Los Angeles:

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