Mexico at the Golden Globes

I have a confession: Meryl Streep didn’t make my heart leap. I agree with everyone word that she said, and I’m touched and glad that she said it. But I also tend to doubt that she moved many minds. It felt more like fodder for the conservative talking point that Hollywood is a part of a liberal bubble that just doesn’t get their perspective, their needs and hurts and fears. I managed to talk myself out of reading Trump’s Twitter response, or any of the thought pieces in reaction, because there’s only so much room in my life for the culture wars.

Here’s what I did love — more attention for Diego Luna and his fully accented performance in Rogue One. And then, his Spanish language presentation of the nominees for best screenplay. All that shows, rather than tells, the value of inclusion and diversity. Hollywood can and sometimes does make a difference. I firmly believe that programs like Ellen and Will and Grace played a vital role in the monumental shift in acceptance of homosexuality that has occurred since I was a teenager. With more roles like Luna’s (such as what Gina Rodriguez and co. do week in and week out on Jane the Virgin), the entertainment industry can meaningfully effect change.

But don’t take my word for it. Watch the response of one Mexican immigrant father (and get the full story at Remezcla).

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