Introducing twofer Saturdays

Yesterday, I broke a streak that has been ongoing since Nov. 9 — I skipped a day on this blog. 59 posts, uninterrupted by sickness or vacation, family or work. I knew in my heart that if I paused even for a moment, I’d lose all stamina, briskly dropping the blog and falling deeply back into that particular brand of unhappiness that comes from hitting “refresh” on Politico and all day, every day.

And yet last night, as I felt myself drifting into slumber at the very impressive hour of 9p.m., I knew I had the strength to make a change. I mentioned recently that my husband and I resolved in 2017, Saturdays are for creating. It’s sort of an agnostic’s recognition that there is meaning to be found in a modified Sabbath. So starting today, Saturdays are filled with many no’s (television, social media, news, work, and browsing on the phone or desktop), and just a couple yeses — read, write, cook, and build. And also, you know, be present.

With that shift underway, I’ve decided to begin posting not one but two signs of hope on these detoxified Saturdays. The trade off is that I’m going to let Fridays be free. My sincere belief is that this shake-up will ultimately lend itself to stronger content. So, here we go!

Oh and p.s., my sign of hope for today is very personal. 61 days — and just as many posts! — after Nov. 9, even with all the whiplash of the news cycles… I really do feel better, and more importantly, I feel myself changing for the better, at least in little ways. It’s a step.


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