Saluting Austin’s Season for Caring

I’m back in the Bay Area. We’re probably here at least for the semi-long haul. But I’m not going to lie, one week in Texas definitely leaves one questioning life in California (read: the obscene cost of living and tightly packed spaces). Seems like they are doing something right down there.

In honor of that trip, which gave me the precious gift of space to relax and reflect, I want to call out all the good that came from the Austin American Statesman’s 18th Season for Caring. The annual fundraiser connects readers to 12 stories of neighbors in need, and invites them to make a difference.

Here is one of the stories I liked best: lawyer Cassie Stinson gave two laptops to a family of Afghan refugees, in order to help them learn English. Not only that, Stinson offered to help tutor them herself (she’s an experienced ESL instructor).

“This country doesn’t hate Muslims,” she told the Statesman. “We don’t hate immigrants. We welcome immigrants. … I want this family to know that’s representative of many people in this city.”


Flickr/Jon Lebkowsky

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