Kids: They’re just like us

I know Comet Ping Pong. I know it because I’ve spent real time in D.C., as a young professional, surrounded by friends who came with dreams of doing good in the age of Obama. Comet was a popular gathering spot, because let’s be real, who doesn’t love a) pizza, and b) ping pong.

But you probably know it better for #pizzagate. I have at least one distant, tertiary friend who believes fervently in this conspiracy theory (or so she says on Facebook). Incredibly kind, bright, beautiful woman. It make me wonder how we all got so far apart.

Well, today I had another friend inside Comet when armed man came inside to “investigate.” She’s fine. Everyone’s fine. I hope it’s the same the next time fake news spills into the real world.

Ok, I’ve promised that every post here will express hope. So here’s your antidote: Kevin Pastor’s brief, brilliant production, “The Lie.” Shot in Ms. Nwoye’s fourth grade class at Stedwick Elementary School in Montgomery Village, Maryland (not far, by the way, from Comet), this short is everything your soul and mine needs today.

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